Explosion Proof VR Speed Sensors

Motion Sensors explosion proof sensors are Ex d certified to ATEX and IECEx and comply with the essential health and safety requirements relating to the design and construction of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Variable reluctance (VR)

Physical Features

  • Body material: 300 series stainless steel
  • Epoxy encapsulation
  • Magnet that resists demagnetization
  • IR leakage: 100 Mohms @ 100 VDC min.
  • High Shock and Vibration resistance (MIL-STD-202G METHOD 214A, Test Condition H)

Interconnection Options

  • Male or Female NPT threaded body with wire or cable pigtail for explosion proof environments
  • Cylindrical Male or Female thread types also available; e.g. M10 through M20

Mounting Thread Options

  • Threaded options range from 3/8-24 through 3/4-20 or M10 through M20
  • Body can also be smooth with no mounting threads


  • Explosion Proof Ex d certified for IECEx and ATEX
  • LCIE II 2 G
  • Ex d IIC T6 to T2
  • ATEX Cert: LCIE II ATEX 3029 X
  • IECEx Cert: IECEx LCI11.0012 X

Temperature Range
Temperature Class        Ambient Temperature
T6                                   -40°C≤Ta≤+70°C
T5                                   -40°C≤Ta≤+85°C
T4                                   -40°C≤Ta≤+100°C
Extended temperature range options for T3 and T2 are also available; contact factory for details

Unconditional one (1) year warranty if used within specifications

PC75-31/2x14MNPT5/8-181.51200450 typ..106
PC75-41/2x14MNPTM16x1.51.51200450 typ..106
PC75-51/2x14MNPT11/16-241.51200450 typ..106
PC75-61/2x14MNPTM18x1.51.51200450 typ..106
PC75-71/2x14MNPT3/4-201.51200450 typ..106
PC75-81/2x14MNPTM20x1.51.51200450 typ..106
PC75-91/2x14MNPT5/8-181.5120-16285 typ..187
PC75-101/2x14MNPTM16x1.51.5120-16285 typ..187
PC75-111/2x14MNPT11/16-241.5120-16285 typ..187
PC75-121/2x14MNPTM18x1.51.5120-16285 typ..187
PC75-131/2x14MNPT3/4-201.5120-16285 typ..187
PC75-141/2x14MNPTM20x1.51.5120-16285 typ..187
PC75-151/2x14MNPT5/8-182.01200450 typ..106
PC75-161/2x14FNPTM16x1.52.01200450 typ..106
PC75-171/2x14FNPT11/16-242.01200450 typ..106
PC75-181/2x14FNPTM18x1.52.01200450 typ..106
PC75-191/2x14FNPT3/4-202.01200450 typ..106
PC75-201/2x14FNPTM20x1.52.01200450 typ..106
PC75-211/2x14FNPT5/8-182.0120-16285 typ..187
PC75-221/2x14FNPTM16x1.52.0120-16285 typ..187
PC75-231/2x14FNPT11/16-242.0120-16285 typ..187
PC75-241/2x14FNPTM18x1.52.0120-16285 typ..187
PC75-251/2x14FNPT3/4-202.0120-16285 typ..187
PC75-261/2x14FNPTM20x1.52.0120-16285 typ..187

Dimensions in inches
Specifications +/-10%
Mounting threads UNF-2A