Amplified (Active) Speed Sensors

Digi-Pulse speed sensors combine high-sensitivity amplifiers with variable reluctance (VR) or modulated carrier transducers (RF). Unique features include near zero velocity (2 Hz) speed sensing, large air gap capability, and several choices of digital output. By combining the sensor and preamplifier in one unit, reductions in overall cost can be attained especially when preamplifier enclosures and installation labor are considered.

Digi-Pulse sensors are available in both hermetically sealed and encapsulated models and can be customized to satisfy specific requirements. These sensors also have EU certification for emissions and immunity (CE mark) and comply with EMC directive 89/336/EEC for installation into any environment.


In addition to our standard models, active amplified speed sensors are available in custom lengths, diameters, configurations, and mounting threads. Custom operating specifications (output options, etc.) are available, as well as options such as pigtail leads or NPT threading. See additional sensor customization options.