Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Existing Speed Sensors

There are situations where specification drawings are not available, but a customer has a sensor in use that either requires a second source and/or the customer desires a modified version of the existing sensor. In many of these situations, the customer has purchased the sensor as part of a system and thus does not have access to basic functional parameters (e.g. resistance, gauss, output type, connector wiring). Since sensor parameters can vary widely, it is important to design a fit, form and function replacement for the existing sensor in order to ensure that the solution will interface properly with the physical and electrical components of the existing application. In many of these situations, Motion Sensors is able to perform non-destructive testing on a working sample to determine these parameters and provide a solution from our sensor lines.

If you have a specification and/or existing sensor that you would like quoted, please contact us at 252-331-2080 or We will review the specifications available and work closely with you to identify any additional requirements and ensure that our solution meets your needs.