Build To Print and Design Support

Build to Print

Over the years, Motion Sensors has designed a large number of speed sensors to meet the requirements of customer applications. In many cases, design has been based upon scope definition and discussions between the customer and our engineering team to understand the requirements for the application and design a solution. In many others, Motion Sensors has been provided customer requirements via a customer drawing and/or sample sensor.

Our experience working with customer specification drawings spans from early concept drawing all the way to the design of a replacement for a sensor that has been in use for many years. We understand the product lifecycle and work closely with the customer to provide suggestions for modification that will enhance product viability, reliability and cost-effectiveness while adhering to the critical application parameters.

Speed Sensor Design Support

Our engineering team is available to assist with selection of the appropriate sensor technology and modification or customization of a sensor to meet application requirements.

In order to assist in our recommendation, following is a list of application information that is helpful in identifying the best sensor solution:

  • What type of output is required? (options include analog sine wave, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, open collector). If analog output, what is the minimum output required?
  • What is the desired input power?
  • What is the operational temperature range?
  • What is the desired sensing distance (air gap) from the sensor front to target?
  • What is the desired electrical connection (e.g. pigtail leads/cable or connector)?
  • What is the desired mounting configuration and/or mounting thread of the sensor?
  • What is the desired overall length of the sensor?
  • What is the target geometry? (i.e. tooth width, tooth thickness, tooth height, distance between teeth)
  • What is the target material?
  • What is the number of teeth on the target?
  • What is the minimum and maximum RPM?

If all the information is not known/available our engineers will work with you to identify the best solution for your application given the known parameters. Please contact us at 252-331-2080 or to discuss your requirements.