Employment Opportunities at Motion Sensors

Thank you for your interest in Motion Sensors. We are constantly striving toward our goal of delivering high quality, innovative, and cost efficient products and services. We take this responsibility seriously and acknowledge that the people who will take us there are our most valuable resource. Each employee is personally responsible for the quality of his or her work and is empowered to initiate action to insure both quality and continuous improvement in our products and manufacturing processes. If you are up for the challenge, we invite you to consider the opportunities that are available with our company. Motion Sensors offers competitive wages and a generous benefit package.

Motion Sensors is a Drug Free Workplace. Drug Screening will be conducted on all new hires.

Employee Benefits

Motion Sensors strives to provide a superior benefit program that can be enjoyed by all employees. We have key departments that are staffed by multiple employees. Our Main areas of Operation are: Production, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving, Machine Shop, Engineering, Electronic Test, Utility, and Administration. Company benefits include paid holidays, paid sick/personal days, paid vacation, 401-K retirement plan with profit sharing, health insurance, short term disability insurance, and direct deposit payroll. We are continually striving to improve and enhance our benefits package.

Equal Opportunity Employer

It is the policy of Motion Sensors, Inc. to provide equal opportunity to all qualified individuals in its recruitment, hiring and employment practices and to ensure that there will be no discrimination against any person on the grounds of race, color, creed, age, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, handicap, political affiliation, beliefs, sexual orientation or other protected classes.

How to Apply

To apply, CLICK HERE to submit an application. Please, no phone calls or in-person submissions. As needed, please direct any questions to hr@motionsensors.com.

Business Development Leader (“BDL”)

Department: Sales and Marketing

Work Location: Short-term: primary office (Elizabeth City, North Carolina). Long-term: office and home office.

Reports to: CEO

Motion Sensors Inc. is embarking on an exciting investment to elevate its commercial strategies, and we are in search of a dynamic individual to assume the pivotal role of BDL. As a key player in the speed sensor industry, Motion Sensors Inc. acknowledges the importance of adopting a proactive and strategic approach to propel sales and marketing initiatives.

Reporting directly to the CEO, the BDL will be responsible for inside sales, outside sales and channel development, top line forecasting, strategic marketing leadership, and stakeholder engagement.

Fundamentally, the BDL will serve as the face of Motion Sensors Inc. to stakeholders in the business. This entails not only driving sales and marketing initiatives but also embodying the company’s values and vision. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in shaping Motion Sensors Inc.’s reputation and relationships within the industry.

If you are a dynamic professional eager to contribute to Motion Sensors Inc.’s growth story, this is an exciting opportunity for you. The BDL position offers a platform to influence strategic decisions, foster key partnerships, and be at the forefront of innovation in the speed sensor industry.

Key Responsibilities (Partial List)

• Oversee and optimize the customer relationship management (CRM) system.
• Manage the sales funnel to ensure a streamlined and efficient for securing orders.

• Collaborate with CEO and Engineering on important opportunities.
• Develop price pages for standard applications.

• Take charge of top-line forecasting to establish goals and provide insights into future business trends.
• Utilize data and market analysis for informed decision-making.

• Cultivate and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, and suppliers.

• Identify opportunities to enhance and expand sales channels.
• Develop training programs to empower the sales team to optimize performance.

• Conduct analysis of product strengths and weaknesses.
• Stay informed regarding competitors, providing insights to inform marketing strategies.
• Advocate for new product development based on market needs and trends.

Position Requirements:

• The BDL’s primary value is derived from working directly with customers and the sales channel to drive sales initiatives.
• Significant travel is expected, with a typical equation for success being 30-40% planned travel. The remainder of the time will be allocated to inside sales and strategic marketing.

• Demonstrates high energy levels and the ability to work independently.
• Thrives in dynamic and challenging environments, contributing actively to the success of the sales and marketing efforts.

• Holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.
• Preferably possesses a BS in electrical engineering or physics, demonstrating a technical foundation relevant to Motion Sensors Inc.’s industry.
• Additional education in marketing and business is preferred, highlighting a well-rounded skill set.

• Exhibits excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Can effectively convey technical information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
• Strong interpersonal skills for building and maintaining relationships.

• Brings a minimum of 4 years of experience in industrial sales, service, marketing, or engineering.
• Demonstrates a track record of success in driving business development activities.
• Understands the intricacies of the industrial sector, contributing valuable insights to the team.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Candidates with an internal background should have a minimum of 4 years in customer related positions, including roles such as application engineering, product management, marketing, or technical support.
• Proven experience in these positions demonstrates a strong understanding of customer needs and effective communication skills.

• External candidates should bring 5+ years of experience in an outside sales management role, particularly in a technical and consultative selling environment.
• Emphasis on long-term relationship building. The focus should be on building long-term relationships rather than just “closing” deals.
• Experience in applicable markets; while not mandatory, is a significant plus, showcasing familiarity with industry dynamics.


• Face of Motion Sensors Inc. The BDL represents the company to its most important stakeholders. Credibility is paramount in building trust and fostering positive relationships.
• Commitment to promises. Recognizes that relationships are built on delivering what has been promised. Consistent follow-through on commitments is a cornerstone of credibility.

• Small company dynamics. In a small company like Motion Sensors Inc., there is always more work than there are people. The BDL should exhibit a strong work ethic, understanding the need for everyone to pitch in to meet customer commitments.
• Long hours: 10-12 hour workdays are not unusual. A dedicated and hardworking approach is essential to ensure the success of the team and the company.

• Cultural fit: in a close-knit environment, everyone must find a way to seamlessly fit into the company’s culture. The BDL should be adaptable and contribute to a positive team dynamic.
• Friendly and helpful: fostering good chemistry with the team is crucial. Being friendly, helpful, and maintaining a sense of humor contribute to a positive work environment and collaboration.

Computer Skills:

• Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
• Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
• Experience with ERP

Working Conditions:

• Physical Demand(s): Can lift to 50 lbs., sitting and stand for reasonable periods of time.
• Particularly when traveling, long days (12-14 hours) are typical.

Benefits Summary:

Motion Sensors Inc. offers a comprehensive portfolio of benefits aimed at promoting employee overall well-being, job satisfaction, and a rewarding work environment. The highlights of the benefits package include:
• Paid vacation & holidays
• Earned sick and/or personal time
• Employee medical insurance coverage
• Short-term disability
• 401K with company match provisions
• Profit sharing Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
• Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
• Experience with ERP

QC Inspector/Electronics Test Technician

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Job Description

  • Inspects solder joints for all electronics and pickup assemblies, repairs as necessary
  • Communicates issues/concerns to team leaders and operators to rework current material and implement improvements for future assembly; will be combination of “in process” feedback as well as weekly feedback reports
  • Elevates issues/concerns to supervisors/quality as needed
  • Functional Product Testing (electronics, Amplified and Hall Effect Product, standard product)
  • Incoming QC inspections as needed
  • Failure Analysis activities as needed


  • Exceptional inspection ability to IPC 610 (Class 2 and Class 3)
  • Exceptional soldering ability to IPC J STD 001 (Class 2 and Class 3)
  • Ability to interface well with operators and team leaders to provide constructive and effective feedback
  • Confidence regarding quality requirements; ability to “stand up” for high quality and push back as needed
  • Ability to prioritize workflow to keep production moving