Non-Oriented Hall Effect Speed Sensors - HN Series

The HN series of speed sensors is based on Hall Effect sensor technology, which can sense a change in target motion from true zero to 20 KHz. These sensors incorporate a magnet within the sensor, enabling them to sense ferrous metal as well as magnetic targets. Maximum air gap sensing distances are typically 0.100″.

Motion Sensor’s non-oriented Hall Effect Sensors are optimized to provide extremely accurate tooth edge detection when used with larger pitch targets and offer the unique advantage of not requiring orientation to the target. HN speed sensors integrate a preamplifier/signal conditioner within the sensor housing that provides excellent noise immunity and greater transmission capability.

In addition to the standard models, non-oriented Hall Effect sensors are available in custom lengths, diameters, configurations, and mounting threads. Motion Sensors also offers Intrinsically Safe versions for applications or environments that require Intrinsic Safety, as well as Explosion Proof versions for potentially explosive atmospheres.


Input Power

  • 4.7 to 24 VDC regulated, 15 mA maximum @ no load
  • Reverse polarity protected

Pulse Output Options

  • TTL/CMOS (Standard): fan-out of 5 TTL/CMOS loads
  • Open collector
  • Supply tracking: logic 0: 0.4 VDC; logic 1: (VS-0.2)xRL/(RL+2200)

Up to 0.100″ dependent on target geometry and sensor construction

Interconnection Options

  • Three (3) pin MIL-C-5015 type connector with gold plated pins; mates with MS3106-10SL-3S; other connector types upon request
  • Pigtail with wires or cable
  • NPT threaded body with wire or cable pigtail for explosion proof environments

Unconditional one (1) year warranty if used within specifications

Pin Connections
  • Pin A (Red): Input Power (+)
  • Pin B (White): Pulse Output (+)
  • Pin C (Black): Common (-)
Physical Features
  • Operating temperature:
    -40°C to +125°C with connector
    -40°C to +105°C with pigtail

NOTE: units that operate up to 150°C
are also available

  • Storage temperature:
    -40°C to +150°C with connector
    -40°C to +105°C with pigtail
  • Body material: 300 series stainless steel
  • Encapsulation: epoxy potting or hermetically sealed, welded construction
  • High Shock and Vibration resistance (MIL-STD-202G METHOD 214A, Test Condition H)
Non-oriented operation, allowing for ease of installation
CE compliant to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC for use in residential, commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial environments


HN-105/8X181.432.86ConnectorOpen Collector
HN-55/8X181.432.86Connector0-5 Vdc
HN-285/8X181.432.86Connector0-10 Vdc
HN-295/8X181.432.86ConnectorSupply Tracking
HN-165/8X18.851.0PigtailOpen Collector
HN-135/8X18.851.0Pigtail0-5 Vdc
HN-305/8X18.851.0Pigtail0-10 Vdc
HN-315/8X18.851.0PigtailSupply Tracking
HN-155/8X181.351.5PigtailOpen Collector
HN-145/8X181.351.5Pigtail0-5 Vdc
HN-325/8X181.351.5Pigtail0-10 Vdc
HN-335/8X181.351.5PigtailSupply Tracking

Dimensions in inches
Specifications +/-10%
Mounting threads UNF-2A

hall effect speed sensor