Case Studies

Case Study 3: Replacement Sensor for Hazardous Location


A leading turbine manufacturer has been using a non-intrinsically safe variable reluctance speed sensor and preamplifier for its standard product offering. New requirements call for the installation of an ATEX-certified intrinsically safe solution for a portion of their applications. Initial quantities are limited and the required time to market is 4 weeks.

Solution – An Intrinsically Safe Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor

Using our modular ATEX and CSA intrinsically safe certifications, Motion Sensors was able to offer a certified equivalent to the existing speed sensor with a 2 week lead-time and no certification costs. The original solution consisted of an intrinsically safe variable reluctance speed sensor and an intrinsically safe PMX series preamplifier. Further discussion of the application revealed an additional opportunity to consolidate the sensor and preamplifier into a single ATEX and CSA certified unit, providing cost savings and ease of installation.


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