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About Speed Sensors

Types of Speed Sensors

All speed sensor types are available in models that are ATEX certified for intrinsic safety and in Custom versions developed to suit specific application and user requirements.

This type of speed sensor provides zero speed sensing and is available in both oriented and non-oriented models. The target can be either ferrous, such as a gear, sprocket, etc. or magnetic (discrete or multi-pole). Standard MSI Hall Effect sensors have unique safeguards built into their circuits to prevent damage from incorrect hookup and can be obtained in models that produce the most popular digital outputs.
Speed sensor that can sense a ferrous metal target and is ideal for use in all types of environments and user specifications. Options include hermetically sealed, cryogenic, high temperature, intrinsically safe and explosion proof. In addition to the more common VR sensors, MSI also offers an inductive type speed sensor for applications where magnets, rather than ferrous metal, will be sensed.
Offer low speed response, no drag, large air gaps and sensing characteristics which enable this type of speed sensor to sense non-ferrous metals like aluminum or nonmagnetic stainless steel in addition to ferrous metal. Unlike the VR counterparts, an RF speed sensor is not a passive device and requires coupling with a signal conditioners/preamplifiers. These devices produce a digital square wave output versus the analog sine wave of the VR speed sensor.
Combines high sensitivity amplifiers and signal conditioners with either variable reluctance or RF transducers. Unique features include near zero velocity (2 Hz) speed sensing, large air gap capability and several choices of pulse output.
Motion Sensors has developed a standard line of preamplifiers and signal conditioners for installation with our speed sensors. Our offerings include preamplifiers in several different sizes and configurations, as well as Intriniscally Safe options certified to ATEX and CSA. We also offer a digital to analog converter.
Intrinsically Safe Sensors
MSI intrinsically safe sensors are certified for use in both North America and Europe. MSI intrinsically safe speed sensors are CSA (w/ NRTL/C), ATEX (2014/34/EU), and IECEx certified to the most stringent requirements.
ATEX & IECEx Certified: Custom & Standard Speed Sensors for Intrinsically Safe applications (also approved by CSA w/NRTL/C)